Health Insurance for International Students
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International Student Health Insurance for USA

International students who are studying in a USA based college or university are required to have adequate international student health insurance that meets the specifications of their university or college. Coverage for accident and sickness for doctor and hospital medical expenses, medical evacuation and repatriation is often required.

Being a international student studying in USA, or in any foreign nation outside home country is a life-changing for many. It broadens your perspective and open ups many avenues not available as a student in your own home country, as this allows you to experience and appreciate a totally new culture in a new land. However, all this experiences come at a cost for many as without international student health insurance, such travel and studying in America or any foreign land can be cost-prohibitive, if you end up in a injury or sickness while you are there. Also, your home country health plans will not pay if it an health emergency outside national borders, and even preventative care or treatment for routine sickness such as cough and cold is not covered there.

There are several student medical insurance designed by US based insurance providers specifically for foreign students planning to come to America, already studying in USA or undergoing optional practical training (OPT) in USA. The most affordable and popular student health insurance plans are offered below that meet non-immigrant student visa (J1 visa or F1 visa ) requirements for coverage.

Please contact us to confirm if the plan meets all your specific college or university requirements. Review all the top international student health insurance plans before selecting any. Up on the completion of your purchase, you will get an instant email confirmation and the ID cards will be sent to you.